FIT for Profit

From April 1st the UK government has introduced Feed-in Tariffs for individuals, organisations or businesses in England, Wales and Scotland who install low carbon electricity generation.

  • They will be paid money for every unit of electricity they generate
  • they will get an extra 3 pence/kWh for every unit they don’t use that is exported to the grid
  • they can also benefit from a reduced electricity bill where they use the electricity that they generate rather than having to buy all they need from the grid.

A typical 2.5kW, well sited solar PV Installation could offer savings of £140 a year plus earnings of £900 a year.

In addition to providing a contribution to meeting the 2020 Renewable Energy Target, the FITs will enable broad participation of individuals and communities in the shift towards a low carbon economy.

The feed-in tariff is a win-win for consumers. They will be paid for any electricity they generate themselves from low carbon sources and benefit from a cheaper electricity bill.

This is good news and an initiative ZCS has been promoting for several years. Contact ZCS in case you require calculations of potential energy gains or solar intensity data covering your area.